Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
Developer Guide

Step 2: Enable High Availability and Fault Tolerance

In this step of Getting Started Using Amazon MSK, you enable high availability and fault tolerance. To do so, you add two subnets to the virtual private cloud (VPC) that you created with one subnet in the previous step. After you complete this step, you will have three subnets in three different Availability Zones.

To add subnets to your VPC

  1. Open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Subnets.

  3. In the list of subnets, find AWSKafkaTutorialSubnet-1, and then find the column named Route table. Copy the value associated with AWSKafkaTutorialSubnet-1 in that column and save it for later.

                        Screenshot showing where to find the route table ID in the subnet
  4. Choose Create subnet.

  5. For the Name tag, enter AWSKafkaTutorialSubnet-2.

  6. For VPC, choose AWSKafkaTutorialVPC.

  7. For Availability Zone, choose us-east-1b.

  8. For IPv4 CIDR block, enter

  9. Choose Create, and then choose Close.

  10. Choose AWSKafkaTutorialSubnet-2 from the list of subnets by selecting the check box next to it. Ensure that no other check boxes in the list are selected.

  11. In the subnet view near the bottom of the page, choose the Route Table tab, and then choose Edit route table association.

                        Screenshot showing the button for editing route table
  12. In the Route Table ID list, choose the route table whose value you copied earlier in this procedure.

  13. Choose Save, and then choose Close.

  14. Repeat this procedure to create another subnet with the name AWSKafkaTutorialSubnet-3, in the us-east-1c Availability Zone, and with the IPv4 CIDR block set to

  15. Edit the route table for AWSKafkaTutorialSubnet-3 to ensure that it has the same route table used for AWSKafkaTutorialSubnet-1 and AWSKafkaTutorialSubnet-2.

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