Step 1: Create an Amazon MSK cluster - Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Step 1: Create an Amazon MSK cluster

In this step of Getting Started Using Amazon MSK, you create an Amazon MSK cluster.

To create an Amazon MSK cluster using the AWS Management Console

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console, and open the Amazon MSK console at

  2. Choose Create cluster.

  3. For Creation method, leave the Quick create option selected. The Quick create option lets you create a cluster with default settings.

  4. For Cluster name, enter a descriptive name for your cluster. For example, MSKTutorialCluster.

  5. For General cluster properties, choose Provisioned as the Cluster type.

  6. From the table under All cluster settings, copy the values of the following settings and save them because you need them later in this tutorial:

    • VPC

    • Subnets

    • Security groups associated with VPC

  7. Choose Create cluster.

  8. Check the cluster Status on the Cluster summary page. The status changes from Creating to Active as Amazon MSK provisions the cluster. When the status is Active, you can connect to the cluster. For more information about cluster status, see Cluster states.

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