Private DNS hostnames - Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Private DNS hostnames

With Private DNS hostname support in MSK Connect, you can configure connectors to reference public or private domain names. Support depends on the DNS servers specified in the VPC DHCP option set.

A DHCP option set is a group of network configurations that EC2 instances use in a VPC to communicate over the VPC network. Each VPC has a default DHCP option set, but you can create a custom DHCP option set if you want instances in a VPC to use a different DNS server for domain name resolution, instead of the Amazon-provided DNS server. See DHCP option sets in Amazon VPC.

Before the Private DNS resolution capability/feature was included with MSK Connect, connectors used the service VPC DNS resolvers for DNS queries from a customer connector. Connectors did not use the DNS servers defined in the customer VPC DHCP option sets for DNS resolution.

Connectors could only reference hostnames in customer connector configurations or plugins that were publicly resolvable. They couldn't resolve private hostnames defined in a privately-hosted zone or use DNS servers in another customer network.

Without Private DNS, customers who chose to make their databases, data warehouses, and systems like the Secrets Manager in their own VPC inaccessible to the internet, couldn't work with MSK connectors. Customers often use private DNS hostnames to comply with corporate security posture.