Plugins - Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka


A plugin is an AWS resource that contains the code that defines your connector logic. You upload a JAR file (or a ZIP file that contains one or more JAR files) to an S3 bucket, and specify the location of the bucket when you create the plugin. When you create a connector, you specify the plugin that you want MSK Connect to use for it. The relationship of plugins to connectors is one-to-many: You can create one or more connectors from the same plugin.

For information on how to develop the code for a connector, see the Connector Development Guidein the Apache Kafka documentation.

Creating a custom plugin using the AWS Management Console

  1. Open the Amazon MSK console at

  2. In the left pane, under MSK Connect, choose Custom plugins.

  3. Choose Create custom plugin.

  4. Choose Browse S3.

  5. In the list of S3 buckets, choose the bucket that has the JAR or ZIP file for the plugin.

  6. In the list of object, select the box to the left of the JAR or ZIP file for the plugin, then choose Choose.

  7. Choose Create custom plugin.

To use the MSK Connect API to create a custom plugin, see CreateCustomPlugin.