MSK Replicator - Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

MSK Replicator

What is Amazon MSK Replicator?

Amazon MSK Replicator is an Amazon MSK feature that enables you to reliably replicate data across Amazon MSK clusters in different or the same AWS region(s). With MSK Replicator, you can easily build regionally resilient streaming applications for increased availability and business continuity. MSK Replicator provides automatic asynchronous replication across MSK clusters, eliminating the need to write custom code, manage infrastructure, or setup cross-region networking.

MSK Replicator automatically scales the underlying resources so that you can replicate data on-demand without having to monitor or scale capacity. MSK Replicator also replicates the necessary Kafka metadata including topic configurations, Access Control Lists (ACLs), and consumer group offsets. If an unexpected event occurs in a region, you can failover to the other AWS region and seamlessly resume processing.

MSK Replicator supports both cross-region replication (CRR) and same-region replication (SRR). In cross-region replication, the source and target MSK clusters are in different AWS Regions. In same-region replication, both the source and target MSK clusters are in the same AWS Region. You need to create source and target MSK clusters before using them with MSK Replicator.


MSK Replicator supports the following AWS Regions: US East (us-east-1, N. Virginia); US East (us-east-2, Ohio); US West (us-west-2, Oregon); Europe (eu-west-1, Ireland); Europe (eu-central-1, Frankfurt); Asia Pacific (ap-southeast-1, Singapore); Asia Pacific (ap-southeast-2, Sydney), Europe (eu-north-1, Stockholm), Asia Pacific (ap-south-1, Mumbai), Europe (eu-west-3, Paris), South America (sa-east-1, São Paulo), Asia Pacific (ap-northeast-2, Seoul), Europe (eu-west-2, London), Asia Pacific (ap-northeast-1, Tokyo), US West (us-west-1, N. California), Canada (ca-central-1, Central).

Here are some common uses for Amazon MSK replicator.

  • Build multi-region streaming applications: Build highly available and fault-tolerant streaming applications for increased resiliency without setting up custom solutions.

  • Lower latency data access: Provide lower latency data access to consumers in different geographic regions.

  • Distribute data to your partners: Copy data from one Apache Kafka cluster to many Apache Kafka clusters, so that different teams/partners have their own copies of data.

  • Aggregate data for analytics: Copy data from multiple Apache Kafka clusters into one cluster for easily generating insights on aggregated real-time data.

  • Write locally, access your data globally: Set up multi-active replication to automatically propagate writes performed in one AWS Region to other Regions for providing data at lower latency and cost.