Step 5: Produce and consume data - Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Step 5: Produce and consume data

In this step, you produce and consume data using the topic that you created in the previous step.

To produce and consume messages

  1. Run the following command to create a console producer.

    <path-to-your-kafka-installation>/bin/ --broker-list $BS --producer.config --topic msk-serverless-tutorial
  2. Enter any message that you want, and press Enter. Repeat this step two or three times. Every time you enter a line and press Enter, that line is sent to your cluster as a separate message.

  3. Keep the connection to the client machine open, and then open a second, separate connection to that machine in a new window.

  4. Use your second connection to the client machine to create a console consumer with the following command. Replace my-endpoint with the bootstrap server string that you saved after you created the cluster.

    <path-to-your-kafka-installation>/bin/ --bootstrap-server my-endpoint --consumer.config --topic msk-serverless-tutorial --from-beginning

    You start seeing the messages you entered earlier when you used the console producer command.

  5. Enter more messages in the producer window, and watch them appear in the consumer window.

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