Scaling up broker storage - Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka

Scaling up broker storage

You can increase the amount of EBS storage per broker. You can't decrease the storage. To increase storage, wait for the cluster to be in the ACTIVE state. Storage volumes remain available during this scaling-up operation.

Scaling up broker storage using the AWS Management Console

  1. Open the Amazon MSK console at

  2. Choose the MSK cluster for which you want to update broker storage.

  3. In the Storage section, choose Edit.

  4. Specify the storage volume you want. You can only increase the amount of storage, you can't decrease it.

  5. Choose Save changes.

Scaling up broker storage using the AWS CLI

Run the following command, replacing ClusterArn with the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) that you obtained when you created your cluster. If you don't have the ARN for your cluster, you can find it by listing all clusters. For more information, see Listing Amazon MSK clusters.

Replace Current-Cluster-Version with the current version of the cluster.


Cluster versions aren't simple integers. You can obtain the current version by describing the cluster. An example version is KTVPDKIKX0DER.

The Target-Volume-in-GiB parameter represents the amount of storage that you want each broker to have. It is only possible to update the storage for all the brokers. You can't specify individual brokers for which to update storage. The value you specify for Target-Volume-in-GiB must be a whole number that is greater than 100 GiB. The storage per broker after the update operation can't exceed 16384 GiB.

aws kafka update-broker-storage --cluster-arn ClusterArn --current-version Current-Cluster-Version --target-broker-ebs-volume-info '{"KafkaBrokerNodeId": "All", "VolumeSizeGB": Target-Volume-in-GiB}'

Scaling up broker storage using the API

To update a broker storage using the API, see UpdateBrokerStorage.