Amazon Neptune
User Guide (API Version 2017-11-29)

SPARQL Query Hints Scope

The following table shows the available scopes, associated hints, and descriptions for SPARQL query hints in Amazon Neptune. The items in this table include the namespace as a prefix that is defined and included in the query: PREFIX hint: <>

Scope Supported Hints Description
hint:Query hint:joinOrder The query hint applies to the whole query.
hint:Group hint:joinOrder The query hint applies to the top-level elements in the specified group, but not to nested elements (such as subqueries) or parent elements.


The hint is specified and applied to a nested SELECT subquery. The subquery is evaluated independently, without considering solutions computed before the subquery.

For more information, see SPARQL Query Hints joinOrderjoinOrder Example and SPARQL Query Hints evaluationStrategyevaluationStrategy Example.