RuleGroup - AWS Network Firewall


The object that defines the rules in a rule group. This, along with RuleGroupResponse, define the rule group. You can retrieve all objects for a rule group by calling DescribeRuleGroup.

AWS Network Firewall uses a rule group to inspect and control network traffic. You define stateless rule groups to inspect individual packets and you define stateful rule groups to inspect packets in the context of their traffic flow.

To use a rule group, you include it by reference in an Network Firewall firewall policy, then you use the policy in a firewall. You can reference a rule group from more than one firewall policy, and you can use a firewall policy in more than one firewall.



The list of a rule group's reference sets.

Type: ReferenceSets object

Required: No


The stateful rules or stateless rules for the rule group.

Type: RulesSource object

Required: Yes


Settings that are available for use in the rules in the rule group. You can only use these for stateful rule groups.

Type: RuleVariables object

Required: No


Additional options governing how Network Firewall handles stateful rules. The policies where you use your stateful rule group must have stateful rule options settings that are compatible with these settings.

Type: StatefulRuleOptions object

Required: No

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