TLSInspectionConfiguration - AWS Network Firewall


The object that defines a TLS inspection configuration. This, along with TLSInspectionConfigurationResponse, define the TLS inspection configuration. You can retrieve all objects for a TLS inspection configuration by calling DescribeTLSInspectionConfiguration.

AWS Network Firewall uses a TLS inspection configuration to decrypt traffic. Network Firewall re-encrypts the traffic before sending it to its destination.

To use a TLS inspection configuration, you add it to a new Network Firewall firewall policy, then you apply the firewall policy to a firewall. Network Firewall acts as a proxy service to decrypt and inspect the traffic traveling through your firewalls. You can reference a TLS inspection configuration from more than one firewall policy, and you can use a firewall policy in more than one firewall. For more information about using TLS inspection configurations, see Inspecting SSL/TLS traffic with TLS inspection configurations in the AWS Network Firewall Developer Guide.



Lists the server certificate configurations that are associated with the TLS configuration.

Type: Array of ServerCertificateConfiguration objects

Required: No

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