LaunchProfileMembership - Amazon Nimble Studio


Studio admins can use launch profile membership to delegate launch profile access to studio users in the Nimble Studio portal without writing or maintaining complex IAM policies. A launch profile member is a user association from your studio identity source who is granted permissions to a launch profile.

A launch profile member (type USER) provides the following permissions to that launch profile:

  • GetLaunchProfile

  • GetLaunchProfileInitialization

  • GetLaunchProfileMembers

  • GetLaunchProfileMember

  • CreateStreamingSession

  • GetLaunchProfileDetails



The ID of the identity store.

Type: String

Required: No


The persona.

Type: String

Valid Values: USER

Required: No


The principal ID.

Type: String

Required: No


The Active Directory Security Identifier for this user, if available.

Type: String

Required: No

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