Sharing analytics stores - AWS HealthOmics

Sharing analytics stores

As the owner of a variant store or an annotation store, you can share the store with other AWS accounts. The owner can revoke access to the shared resource by deleting the share.

As the subscriber to a shared store, you first accept the share. You can then define workflows that use the shared store. The data shows up as a table in both AWS Glue and Lake Formation.

When you no longer need access to the store, you delete the share.

See Cross-account resource sharing in AWS HealthOmics for additional information about resource sharing.

Creating a store share

To create a store share, use the create-share API operation. The principal subscriber is the AWS account of the user who will subscribe to the share. The following example creates a share for a variant store. To share a store with more than one account, you create multiple shares of the same store.

aws omics create-share \ --resource-arn "arn:aws:omics:us-west-2:555555555555:variantStore/omics_dev_var_store" \ --principal-subscriber "123456789012" \ --name "my_Share-123"

If the create is successful, you receive a response with the share ID and status.

{ "shareId": "495c21bedc889d07d0ab69d710a6841e-dd75ab7a1a9c384fa848b5bd8e5a7e0a", "name": "my_Share-123", "status": "PENDING" }

The share remains in pending state until the subscriber accepts it using the accept-share API operation.