Ready2Run workflows - AWS HealthOmics

Ready2Run workflows

You can also use Ready2Run to analyze your data. Ready2Run workflows are preconfigured workflows published by health science publishers. Ready2Run workflows might be open source workflows such as nf-core or GATK best practices, or they might be subscription-based. When you use a Ready2Run workflow, your workflow is preconfigured and can't be edited. This means you can't edit the storage capacity of the workflow. Ready2Run workflows can't be added to run groups.

Ready2Run workflows are well-suited for the following people:

  • New bioinformaticians — You can focus on the analysis of pipeline output and generating results, without needing to set up the underlying infrastructure.

  • Experienced bioinformaticians — You can use established workflows to replicate results.

  • Software developers — You can integrate your applications directly with the AWS HealthOmics SDK.

Use Ready2Run workflows in the console or by using the same API operations that you would use with a private workflow.

If you’re running a licensed workflow offered by Sentieon, the IAM role used to start the run must allow read access to s3://sentieon-omics-license-<region>.

All Ready2Run workflows provide logs, including CloudWatch logs that you can use for troubleshooting.