HealthOmics Workflows - AWS HealthOmics

HealthOmics Workflows

With HealthOmics Workflows, you can process and analyze your genomics data using either Ready2Run workflows or private workflows.

Ready2Run workflows are created by third-party publishers. They're ready to run without further definition or configuration.

Private workflows are workflows that you create. You define the workflow tasks using CWL, WDL, or Nextflow. You add private workflows to a run group to control compute usage. You can share your private workflows with other AWS accounts.

A run is a single invocation of a workflow, and a task is a single process within the run.

A run group is a collection of private workflow runs that share a set of resource limits, such as maximum concurrent runs and maximum run duration. You set these limits to control the compute resources that the run group consumes.

For full examples of how to use HealthOmics workflows, see HealthOmics Github tutorials or the AWS workshop end to end tutorial for HealthOmics.