Deleting an Amazon OpenSearch Service data source with Amazon S3 - Amazon OpenSearch Service

Deleting an Amazon OpenSearch Service data source with Amazon S3

This is prerelease documentation for Amazon OpenSearch Service direct queries with Amazon S3, which is in preview release. The documentation and the feature are both subject to change. We recommend that you use this feature only in test environments, and not in production environments. For preview terms and conditions, see Betas and Previews in AWS Service Terms.

When you delete a data source, Amazon OpenSearch Service removes it from your domain. OpenSearch Service also removes indexes associated that are with the data source. Your transactional data isn't deleted from Amazon S3, but Amazon S3 doesn't send new data to OpenSearch Service.

You can delete a data source integration using the AWS Management Console or the OpenSearch Service API.

To delete a data source
  1. Navigate to the Amazon OpenSearch Service console at

  2. From the left navigation pane, choose Domains.

  3. Select the domain that you want to delete a data source for. This opens the domain details page. Choose the Connections tab below the general information and find the Direct query section.

  4. Select the data source you want to delete, choose Delete, and confirm deletion.

Use the DeleteDataSource API operation to delete an existing data souce in your domain.