AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

Execute a Recipe (create-deployment)

Use the create-deployment command to execute stack commands and deployment commands. The following example executes a stack command to run a custom recipe on a specified stack.

aws opsworks --region us-west-1 create-deployment --stack-id 935450cc-61e0-4b03-a3e0-160ac817d2bb --command "{\"Name\":\"execute_recipes\", \"Args\":{\"recipes\":[\"phpapp::appsetup\"]}}"

The command argument takes a JSON object that is formatted as follows:

  • Name - Specifies the command name. The execute_recipes command used for this example executes a specified recipe on the stack's instances.

  • Args - Specifies a list of arguments and their values. This example has one argument, recipes, which is set to the recipe to be executed, phpapp::appsetup.

Notice that the " characters in the JSON object are all escaped. Otherwise, the command might return an error that the JSON is invalid.

The command returns a deployment ID, which you can use to identify the command for other CLI commands such as describe-commands.

{ "DeploymentId": "5cbaa7b9-4e09-4e53-aa1b-314fbd106038" }