AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

Next Steps

Now that you have completed this walkthrough, you can learn more about AWS OpsWorks Stacks support for Chef cookbooks by reviewing the following resources:

  • Cookbooks and Recipes – Describes the versions of Chef and Ruby that AWS OpsWorks Stacks currently supports. Also demonstrates how to install and update custom cookbooks on instances and how to run recipes on instances.

  • Learn Chef – Provides links to Chef tutorials, a Chef skills library, complete Chef documentation, and Chef training classes.

  • All about Chef – Provides complete Chef documentation. Specific topics of interest include:

    • About Cookbooks – Describes key cookbook components such as attributes, recipes, files, metadata, and templates.

    • About Recipes – Describes the fundamentals of recipes such as how to work with data bags, include other recipes, and use Ruby code in recipes.

    • Resources – Describes how to use all of the built-in Chef resources, such as apt_package, cookbook_file, directory, execute, file, and package.

    • About the Recipe DSL – Describes how to write code for Chef recipes with statements such as if, case, data_bag, data_bag_item, and search.

  • About Templates – Describes how to use Embedded Ruby (ERB) templates to dynamically generate static text files, such as configuration files.

  • Chef Tutorials – Describes how to use Chef to manage an instance, manage a basic web app, develop and test infrastructure code, use Chef analytics, and more.

  • Chef Fundamentals Series – Provides six videos describing how to work with cookbooks, data bags, community cookbooks, and more.

  • Learning Chef – An introduction to Chef. Published by O'Reilly Media.

  • Learning Chef code examples – Provides code examples to accompany the book Learning Chef published by O'Reilly Media.