AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

Step 3.5: Deploy SimplePHPApp, Version 2

The final step is to deploy the new version of SimplePHPApp.

To deploy SimplePHPApp

  1. On the Apps page, click deploy in the SimplePHPApp app's Actions.

  2. Accept the defaults and click Deploy.

    When you click Deploy on the Deploy App page, you trigger a Deploy lifecycle event, which notifies the agents to run their Deploy recipes. By default, you trigger the event on all of the stack's instances. The built-in Deploy recipes deploy the app only to the appropriate instances for the app type, PHP App Server instances in this case. However, it is often useful to trigger the Deploy event on other instances, to allow them to respond to the app deployment. In this case, you also want to trigger Deploy on the MySQL instance to set up the database.

    Note the following:

    • The agent on the PHP App Server instance runs the layer's built-in recipe, followed by appsetup.rb, which configures the app's database connection.

    • The agent on the MySQL instance doesn't install anything, but it runs dbsetup.rb to create the urler table.

    When the deployment is complete, the Status will change to successful on the Deployment page.