AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

Step 7: Test the Deployed App on the Instance

Now, test the app deployment on the instance.

To test the deployment on the instance

  1. In the service navigation pane, choose Instances. The Instances page is displayed.

  2. For MyLinuxDemoLayer, for demo1, for Public IP, choose the IP address:

    A new web browser tab displays the app.

  3. On the congratulatory web page, in the Leave a comment text box, type a comment, and then choose Send to test the app. The app adds your comment to the web page. Continue leaving comments and choosing Send as often as you want:

  4. If you have a Twitter account, choose Tweet or Follow @AWSOpsWorks, and follow the on-screen directions to tweet about the app or to follow @AWSOpsWorks.

You have now successfully tested the deployed app on the instance.

In the next step, you can clean up the AWS resources that you used for this walkthrough. This next step is optional. You may want to keep using these AWS resources as you continue to learn more about AWS OpsWorks Stacks. However, keeping these AWS resources around may result in some ongoing charges to your AWS account. If you want to keep these AWS resources around for later use, you have now completed this walkthrough, and you can skip ahead to Next Steps.