Step 2.1: Create a Stack - Chef 11 - AWS OpsWorks

Step 2.1: Create a Stack - Chef 11


AWS OpsWorks Stacks is no longer accepting new customers. Existing customers will be able to use the OpsWorks console, API, CLI, and CloudFormation resources as normal until May 26, 2024, at which time they will be discontinued. To prepare for this transition, we recommend you transition your stacks to AWS Systems Manager as soon as possible. For more information, see AWS OpsWorks Stacks End of Life FAQs and Migrating your AWS OpsWorks Stacks applications to AWS Systems Manager Application Manager.

You start an AWS OpsWorks Stacks project by creating a stack, which acts as a container for your instances and other resources. The stack configuration specifies some basic settings, such as the AWS region and the default operating system, that are shared by all the stack's instances.


This page helps you create Chef 11 stacks. For information about how to create Chef 12 stacks, see Create a Stack.

This page helps you create stacks in Chef 11.

To create a new stack
  1. Add a Stack

    Sign into the AWS OpsWorks Stacks console. If the account has no existing stacks, you will see the Welcome to AWS OpsWorks page; click Add your first stack. Otherwise, you will see the AWS OpsWorks Stacks dashboard, which lists your account's stacks; click Add Stack.

                     If you have no stacks, you'll see the first-run page in the AWS OpsWorks Stacks
                        console; otherwise, you'll see a list of all your account's stacks.
  2. Configure the Stack

    On the Add Stack page, choose Chef 11 stack and specify the following settings:

    Stack name

    Enter a name for your stack, which can contain alphanumeric characters (a–z, A–Z, and 0–9), and hyphens (-). The example stack for this walkthrough is named MyStack.


    Select US West (Oregon) as the stack's region.

    Accept the default values for the other settings and click Add Stack. For more information on the various stack settings, see Create a New Stack.