Custom Configuration - AWS OpsWorks

Custom Configuration

AWS OpsWorks Stacks exposes additional configuration settings as built-in attributes, which are all in the opsworks_java namespace. You can use custom JSON or a custom attributes file to override the built-in attributes and specify custom values. For example, the JVM and Tomcat versions are represented by the built-in jvm_version and java_app_server_version attributes, both of which are set to 7. You can use custom JSON or a custom attributes file to set either or both to 6. The following example uses custom JSON to set both attributes to 6:

{ "opsworks_java": { "jvm_version": 6, "java_app_server_version" : 6 } }

For more information, see Using Custom JSON.

Another example of custom configuration is installing a custom JDK by overriding the use_custom_pkg_location, custom_pkg_location_url_debian, and custom_pkg_location_url_rhel attributes.


If you override the built-in cookbooks, you will need to update those components yourself.

For more information on attributes and how to override them, see Overriding Attributes. For a list of built in attributes, see opsworks_java Attributes.