AWS Flow (Ruby) Layer Reference - AWS OpsWorks

AWS Flow (Ruby) Layer Reference


This layer is available only for Linux-based stacks.

An AWS Flow (Ruby) layer provides a blueprint for instances that host Amazon Simple Workflow Service activity and workflow workers.

Short name: aws-flow-ruby

Compatibility: An AWS Flow (Ruby) layer is compatible with PHP App Server, MySQL, Memcached, Ganglia, and custom layers.

Open ports: None.

IAM role: aws-opsworks-ec2-role-with-swf is the standard AWS Flow (Ruby) role that AWS OpsWorks Stacks creates for you, if requested.

Autoassign Elastic IP addresses: Off by default

Default EBS Volume: No

Default security group: AWS-OpsWorks-AWS-Flow-Ruby-Server

Setup recipes:

  • opsworks_initial_setup

  • ssh_host_keys

  • ssh_users

  • mysql::client

  • dependencies

  • ebs

  • opsworks_ganglia::client

  • opsworks_aws_flow_ruby::setup

Configure recipes:

  • opsworks_ganglia::configure-client

  • ssh_users

  • mysql::client

  • agent_version

  • opsworks_aws_flow_ruby::configure

Deploy recipes:

  • deploy::default

  • deploy::aws-flow-ruby

Undeploy recipes:

  • deploy::aws-flow-ruby-undeploy

Shutdown recipes:

  • opsworks_shutdown::default