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AWS Flow (Ruby) Layer Reference


AWS OpsWorks Stacks is no longer accepting new customers. Existing customers will be able to use the OpsWorks console, API, CLI, and CloudFormation resources as normal until May 26, 2024, at which time they will be discontinued. To prepare for this transition, we recommend you transition your stacks to AWS Systems Manager as soon as possible. For more information, see AWS OpsWorks Stacks End of Life FAQs and Migrating your AWS OpsWorks Stacks applications to AWS Systems Manager Application Manager.


This layer is available only for Linux-based stacks.

An AWS Flow (Ruby) layer provides a blueprint for instances that host Amazon Simple Workflow Service activity and workflow workers.

Short name: aws-flow-ruby

Compatibility: An AWS Flow (Ruby) layer is compatible with PHP App Server, MySQL, Memcached, Ganglia, and custom layers.

Open ports: None.

IAM role: aws-opsworks-ec2-role-with-swf is the standard AWS Flow (Ruby) role that AWS OpsWorks Stacks creates for you, if requested.

Autoassign Elastic IP addresses: Off by default

Default EBS Volume: No

Default security group: AWS-OpsWorks-AWS-Flow-Ruby-Server

Setup recipes:

  • opsworks_initial_setup

  • ssh_host_keys

  • ssh_users

  • mysql::client

  • dependencies

  • ebs

  • opsworks_ganglia::client

  • opsworks_aws_flow_ruby::setup

Configure recipes:

  • opsworks_ganglia::configure-client

  • ssh_users

  • mysql::client

  • agent_version

  • opsworks_aws_flow_ruby::configure

Deploy recipes:

  • deploy::default

  • deploy::aws-flow-ruby

Undeploy recipes:

  • deploy::aws-flow-ruby-undeploy

Shutdown recipes:

  • opsworks_shutdown::default