Creating IAM users for AWS OpsWorks Stacks - AWS OpsWorks

Creating IAM users for AWS OpsWorks Stacks


AWS OpsWorks Stacks is no longer accepting new customers. Existing customers will be able to use the OpsWorks console, API, CLI, and CloudFormation resources as normal until May 26, 2024, at which time they will be discontinued. To prepare for this transition, we recommend you transition your stacks to AWS Systems Manager as soon as possible. For more information, see AWS OpsWorks Stacks End of Life FAQs and Migrating your AWS OpsWorks Stacks applications to AWS Systems Manager Application Manager.

Before you can import IAM users into AWS OpsWorks Stacks, you need to create them. You can do this using the IAM console, command line, or API. For full instructions, see Creating an IAM user in your AWS account.

Note that unlike administrative users, you don't need to attach a policy to define permissions. You can set permissions after importing the users into AWS OpsWorks Stacks, as explained in Managing User Permissions.

For more information on creating IAM users and groups, see Getting started with IAM.