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AWS OpsWorks Stacks Permissions Levels

This section lists the actions that are allowed by the Show, Deploy, and Manage permissions levels on the AWS OpsWorks Stacks Permissions page. It also includes a list of actions that you can grant permissions only by attaching an IAM policy to the user.


The Show level allows DescribeXYZ commands, with the following exceptions:

DescribePermissions DescribeUserProfiles DescribeMyUserProfile DescribeStackProvisioningParameters

If an administrative user has enabled self-management for the user, Show users can also use DescribeMyUserProfile and UpdateMyUserProfile. For more information on self management, see Editing User Settings.


The following actions are allowed by the Deploy level, in addition to the actions allowed by the Show level.

CreateDeployment UpdateApp

The following actions are allowed by the Manage level, in addition to the actions allowed by the Deploy and Show levels.

AssignInstance AssignVolume AssociateElasticIp AttachElasticLoadBalancer CreateApp CreateInstance CreateLayer DeleteApp DeleteInstance DeleteLayer DeleteStack DeregisterElasticIp DeregisterInstance DeregisterRdsDbInstance DeregisterVolume DescribePermissions DetachElasticLoadBalancer DisassociateElasticIp GrantAccess GetHostnameSuggestion RebootInstance RegisterElasticIp RegisterInstance RegisterRdsDbInstance RegisterVolume SetLoadBasedAutoScaling SetPermission SetTimeBasedAutoScaling StartInstance StartStack StopInstance StopStack UnassignVolume UpdateElasticIp UpdateInstance UpdateLayer UpdateRdsDbInstance UpdateStack UpdateVolume
Permissions That Require an IAM Policy

You must grant permissions for the following actions by attaching an appropriate IAM policy to the user. For some examples, see Example Policies.

CloneStack CreateStack CreateUserProfile DeleteUserProfile DescribeUserProfiles UpdateUserProfile