AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

Step 5: Verifying the app deployment in AWS OpsWorks Stacks

To verify that CodePipeline deployed the PHP app to your stack, sign in to the instance you created in Step 1: Create a stack, layer, and an instance in AWS OpsWorks Stacks. You should be able to see and use the PHP web app.

To verify the app deployment in your AWS OpsWorks Stacks instance

  1. Open the AWS OpsWorks console at

  2. On the AWS OpsWorks Stacks dashboard, choose MyStack, and then choose MyLayer.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Instances, and then choose the public IP address of the instance that you created to view the web app.

    The app will be displayed in a new browser tab.