AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

Step 6: Deploy and Run PhotoApp

For this example, the application has also been implemented for you and is stored in a public GitHub repository. You just need to add the app to the stack, deploy it to the application servers, and run it.

To add the app to the stack and deploy it to the application servers

  1. Open the Apps page and click Add an app.

  2. On the Add App page, do the following:

    • Set Name to PhotoApp.

    • Set App type to PHP.

    • Set Document root to web.

    • Set Repository type to Git.

    • Set Repository URL to git://

    • Click Add App to accept the defaults for the other settings.

  3. On the Apps page, click deploy in the PhotoApp app's Actions column

  4. Accept the defaults and click Deploy to deploy the app to the server.

To run PhotoApp, go to the Instances page and click the PHP App Server instance's public IP address.

You should see the following user interface. Click Add a Photo to store a photo on the Amazon S3 bucket and the metadata in the back-end data store.