AWS OpsWorks
User Guide (API Version 2013-02-18)

Implementing Recipes for Chef 12 Stacks

Chef 12 stacks provide the following advantages over Chef 11.10 stacks:

  • Chef runs use Ruby 2.1.6, so your recipes can use the new Ruby syntax.

  • Chef 12 stacks can use even more community cookbooks without modification. Without any built-in cookbooks in the way, there will no longer be any chance of name conflicts between built-in cookbooks and custom cookbooks.

  • You are no longer limited to the Berkshelf versions that AWS OpsWorks Stacks has provided pre-built packages for. Berkshelf is no longer installed on AWS OpsWorks Stacks instances in Chef 12. Instead, you can use any Berkshelf version on your local workstation.

  • There is now a clear separation between the built-in cookbooks that AWS OpsWorks Stacks provides with Chef 12 (Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon RDS, and Amazon ECS) and custom cookbooks. This makes troubleshooting failed Chef runs easier.