Creating an OpsWorks Layer - AWS OpsWorks

Creating an OpsWorks Layer

When you create a new stack, you see the following page:

To add the first OpsWorks layer
  1. Click Add a Layer.

  2. On the Add Layer page, select the appropriate layer, which displays the layer's configuration options.

  3. Configure the layer appropriately and click Add Layer to add it to the stack. The following sections describe how to configure the various layers.


    The Add Layer page displays only the more commonly used configuration settings for each layer. You can specify additional settings by editing the layer.

  4. Add instances to the layer and start them.


    If an instance is a member of multiple layers, you must add it to all of them before you start the instance. You cannot add an online instance to a layer.

To add more layers, open the Layers page and click + Layer to open the Add Layer page.

When you start an instance, AWS OpsWorks Stacks automatically runs the Setup and Deploy recipes for each of the instance's layers to install and configure the appropriate packages and deploy the appropriate applications. You can customize a layer's setup and configuration process in a variety of ways, such as by assigning custom recipes to the appropriate lifecycle events. AWS OpsWorks Stacks runs custom recipes after the standard recipes for each event. For more information, see Cookbooks and Recipes.

The following layer-specific sections describe how handle Steps 2 and 3 for the various AWS OpsWorks Stacks layers. For more information how to add instances, see Adding an Instance to a Layer.