MySQL OpsWorks Layer - AWS OpsWorks

MySQL OpsWorks Layer


This layer is available only for Chef 11 and earlier Linux-based stacks.

A MySQL OpsWorks layer provides a blueprint for Amazon EC2 instances that function as a MySQL database master. A built-in recipe creates a database for each application that has been deployed to an application server layer. For example, if you deploy a PHP application “myapp,” the recipe creates a “myapp” database.

The MySQL layer has the following configuration settings.

MySQL root user password

(Required) The root user password.

Set root user password on every instance

(Optional) Whether the root user password is included in the stack configuration and deployment attributes that are installed on every instance in the stack. The default setting is Yes.

If you set this value to No, AWS OpsWorks Stacks passes the root password only to application server instances.

Custom security groups

(Optional) A custom security group to be associated with the layer. For more information, see Create a New Stack.

You can add one or more instances to the layer, each of which represents a separate MySQL database master. You can then attach an instance to an app, which installs the necessary connection information on the app's application servers. The application can then use the connection information to connect to the instance's database server.