Signing in as an IAM User - AWS OpsWorks

Signing in as an IAM User

Each account has a URL called an account alias, which IAM users use to sign in to the account. The URL is on your IAM console's Dashboard (Getting Started) page under Account Alias.

When creating a new IAM user, an administrative user specifies or has the IAM service generate the following:

  • A user name

  • An optional password

    You can specify a password or have IAM generate one for you.

  • An optional Access Key ID and Secret Access Key

    IAM generates a new key pair for each user. The keys are required for users who need to access AWS OpsWorks Stacks using the API or CLI. They are not required for console-only users.

The administrative user then provides this information and the account alias to each new user, for example, in an e-mail.

To sign in to AWS OpsWorks Stacks as an IAM user

  1. In your browser, navigate to the account alias URL.

  2. Enter your account name, user name, and password and click Sign in.

  3. In the navigation bar, click Services and select OpsWorks.