The AWS Panorama Application SDK - AWS Panorama

The AWS Panorama Application SDK

The AWS Panorama Application SDK is a Python library for developing AWS Panorama applications. In your application code, you use the AWS Panorama Application SDK to load a computer vision model, run inference, and output video to a monitor.


To ensure that you have access to the latest functionality of the AWS Panorama Application SDK, upgrade the appliance software.

For details about the classes that the application SDK defines and their methods, see Application SDK reference.

Adding text and boxes to output video

With the AWS Panorama SDK, you can output a video stream to a display. The video can include text and boxes that show output from the model, the current state of the application, or other data.

Each object in the video_in array is an image from a camera stream that is connected to the appliance. The type of this object is It has methods to add text and rectangular boxes to the image, which you can then assign to the video_out array.

In the following example, the sample application adds a label for each of the results. Each result is positioned at the same left position, but at different heights.

for j in range(max_results): label = 'Class [%s], with probability %.3f.'% (self.classes[indexes[j]], class_tuple[0][indexes[j]]) stream.add_label(label, 0.1, 0.1 + 0.1*j)

To add a box to the output image, use add_rect. This method takes 4 values between 0 and 1, indicating the position of the top left and bottom right corners of the box.

w,h,c = stream.image.shape stream.add_rect(x1/w, y1/h, x2/w, y2/h)