Granting permissions to an application - AWS Panorama

Granting permissions to an application

You can create a role for your application to grant it permission to call AWS services. By default, applications do not have any permissions. You create an application role in IAM and assign it to an application during deployment. To grant your application only the permissions that it needs, create a role for it with permissions for specific API actions.

The sample application includes an AWS CloudFormation template and script that create an application role. It is a service role that AWS Panorama can assume. This role grants permission for the application to call CloudWatch to upload metrics.

Example aws-panorama-sample.yml – Application role
Resources: runtimeRole: Type: AWS::IAM::Role Properties: AssumeRolePolicyDocument: Version: "2012-10-17" Statement: - Effect: Allow Principal: Service: - Action: - sts:AssumeRole Policies: - PolicyName: cloudwatch-putmetrics PolicyDocument: Version: 2012-10-17 Statement: - Effect: Allow Action: 'cloudwatch:PutMetricData' Resource: '*' Path: /service-role/

You can extend this script to grant permissions to other services, by specifying a list of API actions or patterns for the value of Action.

For more information on permissions in AWS Panorama, see AWS Panorama permissions.