awsbout - AWS ParallelCluster


Shows the output of a given job.

awsbout [-h] [-c CLUSTER] [-hd HEAD] [-t TAIL] [-s] [-sp STREAM_PERIOD] job_id

Positional Arguments


Specifies the job ID.

Named Arguments

-c CLUSTER, --cluster CLUSTER

Indicates the cluster to use.

-hd HEAD, --head HEAD

Gets the first HEAD lines of the job output.

-t TAIL, --tail TAIL

Gets the last <tail> lines of the job output.

-s, --stream

Gets the job output, and then waits for additional output to be produced. This argument can be used together with –tail to start from the latest <tail> lines of the job output.

Default: False

-sp STREAM_PERIOD, --stream-period STREAM_PERIOD

Sets the streaming period.

Default: 5