Amazon CloudWatch dashboard - AWS ParallelCluster

Amazon CloudWatch dashboard

Starting with AWS ParallelCluster version 2.10.0, an Amazon CloudWatch dashboard is created when the cluster is created. This makes it easier to monitor the nodes in your cluster, and to review the logs stored in Amazon CloudWatch Logs. The name of the dashboard is parallelcluster-ClusterName-Region. ClusterName is the name of your cluster and Region is the AWS Region of the cluster. You can access the dashboard in the console, or by opening

For more information about Amazon CloudWatch dashboards, see Using Amazon CloudWatch dashboards in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

If you don’t want to create the Amazon CloudWatch dashboard, you must complete these steps: First, add a [dashboard] section to your configuration file, and then add the name of that section as the value of the dashboard_settings setting in your [cluster] section. In your [dashboard] section, set enable = false.

For example, if your [dashboard] section is named myDashboard and your [cluster] section is named myCluster, your changes resemble this.

[cluster MyCluster] dashboard_settings = MyDashboard ... [dashboard MyDashboard] enable = false