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AWS ParallelCluster User Guide

[dcv] Section

Defines configuration settings for the NICE DCV server running on the master instance.

To create and configure a NICE DCV server, specify a dcv_settings with the name of your section, with enable set to master, and a base_os set to centos7.

[dcv custom-dcv] enable = master port = 8443 access_from =


Support for the [dcv] section was added in AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.0.


(Required) Indicates whether NICE DCV is enabled on the master node. To enable NICE DCV on the master node, set enable to master.

The default value is NONE.

enable = master


(Optional) Specifies the port for NICE DCV.

The default value is 8443.

port = 8443


(Optional) Specifies the CIDR for connections to NICE DCV.

The default value is

access_from =

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