Connect to the master instance through NICE DCV - AWS ParallelCluster

Connect to the master instance through NICE DCV

NICE DCV is a remote visualization technology that enables users to securely connect to graphic-intensive 3D applications hosted on a remote high-performance server. For more information, see NICE DCV.

The NICE DCV software is automatically installed on the master instance when using base_os = alinux2, base_os = centos7, or base_os = ubuntu1804.

To enable NICE DCV on the master instance, dcv_settings must contain the name of a [dcv] section that has enable = master and base_os must be set to alinux2, centos7 or ubuntu1804.

[cluster custom-cluster] ... dcv_settings = custom-dcv ... [dcv custom-dcv] enable = master

For more information about NICE DCV configuration parameters, see dcv_settings. To connect to the NICE DCV session, use the pcluster dcv command.


Support for NICE DCV on alinux2 and ubuntu1804 was added in AWS ParallelCluster 2.6.0. Support for NICE DCV on centos7 was added in AWS ParallelCluster 2.5.0.

NICE DCV HTTPS Certificate

NICE DCV automatically generates a self-signed certificate to secure traffic between the NICE DCV client and NICE DCV server.

To replace the default self-signed NICE DCV certificate with another certificate, first connect to the master instance. Then, copy both the certificate and key to the /etc/dcv folder before running the pcluster dcv command.

For more information, see Changing the TLS Certificate in the NICE DCV Administrator Guide.

Licensing NICE DCV

The NICE DCV server does not require a license server when running on Amazon EC2 instances. However, the NICE DCV server must periodically connect to an Amazon S3 bucket to determine whether a valid license is available.

AWS ParallelCluster automatically adds the required permissions to the ParallelClusterInstancePolicy. When using a custom IAM Instance Policy, use the permissions described in NICE DCV on Amazon EC2 in the NICE DCV Administrator Guide.

For troubleshooting tips, see NICE DCV troubleshooting.