[ebs] Section - AWS ParallelCluster

[ebs] Section

Defines Amazon EBS volume configuration settings for volumes that are mounted on the master instance and shared via NFS to the compute nodes.

The format is [ebs <ebsname>].

[ebs custom1] shared_dir = vol1 ebs_snapshot_id = snap-xxxxx volume_type = io1 volume_iops = 200 ... [ebs custom2] shared_dir = vol2 ... ...


Specifies the path where the shared Amazon EBS volume is mounted.

This parameter is required when using multiple Amazon EBS volumes.

When using one (1) Amazon EBS volume, this option overwrites the shared_dir that is specified under the [cluster] section. In the following example, the volume mounts to /vol1.

shared_dir = vol1


Defines the Amazon EBS snapshot Id, if you are using a snapshot as the source for the volume.

The default value is NONE.

ebs_snapshot_id = snap-xxxxx


Specifies the Amazon EBS volume type of the volume that you want to launch.

Valid options are:

  • gp2

  • io1

  • st1

  • sc1

The default value is gp2.

volume_type = io1


Specifies the size of the volume to be created, in GiB (if not using a snapshot).

The default value is 20.

volume_size = 20


Defines the number of IOPS for io1-type volumes.

volume_iops = 200


Specifies whether the Amazon EBS volume is encrypted. Note: Do not use with snapshots.

The default value is false.

encrypted = false


Specifies a custom AWS KMS key to use for encryption.

This parameter must be used together with encrypted = true. It also must have a custom ec2_iam_role.

For more information, see Disk Encryption with a Custom KMS Key.

ebs_kms_key_id = xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx


Defines the volume Id of an existing Amazon EBS volume to attach to the master instance.

The default value is NONE.

ebs_volume_id = vol-xxxxxx