Example - AWS ParallelCluster


The following example launches a cluster with the awsbatch scheduler. It is set to pick the optimal instance type, based on your job resource needs.

The example configuration allows a maximum of 40 concurrent vCPUs, and scales down to zero when no jobs have run for 10 minutes.

[global] update_check = true sanity_check = true cluster_template = awsbatch [aws] aws_region_name = [your_aws_region] [cluster awsbatch] scheduler = awsbatch compute_instance_type = optimal # optional, defaults to optimal min_vcpus = 0 # optional, defaults to 0 desired_vcpus = 0 # optional, defaults to 4 max_vcpus = 40 # optional, defaults to 20 base_os = alinux # optional, defaults to alinux, controls the base_os of the master instance and the docker image for the compute fleet key_name = [your_ec2_keypair] vpc_settings = public [vpc public] master_subnet_id = [your_subnet] vpc_id = [your_vpc]