AWS ParallelCluster
AWS ParallelCluster User Guide

Intel HPC Platform Specification

AWS ParallelCluster is compliant with the Intel HPC Platform Specification. Intel's HPC Platform Specification provides a set of compute, fabric, memory, storage, and software requirements to ensure a high standard of quality and compatibility with HPC workloads.

In order to meet Intel’s HPC Platform Specification, these requirements must be met.

  • The OS must be Centos 7 (base_os = centos7).

  • The instance type for the compute nodes must have an Intel CPU and at least 64 GB of memory. For the c5 family of instance types, this means the instance type must at least a c5.9xlarge (compute_instance_type = c5.9xlarge).

  • The master node must have at least 200 GB of storage.

  • The End User License Agreement for Intel Parallel Studio must be accepted (enable_intel_hpc_platform = true).

  • Each compute node must have at least 80 GB of storage (compute_root_volume_size = 80).

The storage can be local or network (NFS shared from the master node, EBS or Amazon FSx for Lustre, and it can be shared.