AWS ParallelCluster
AWS ParallelCluster User Guide

pcluster update

Updates a running cluster by using the values in the configuration file.

pcluster update [ -h ] [ -c CONFIG_FILE ] [ -r REGION ] [ -nw ] [ -nr ] [ -t CLUSTER_TEMPLATE ] [ -p EXTRA_PARAMETERS ] [ -rd ] cluster_name

Positional Arguments


Specifies the name of the cluster to update.

Named Arguments

-h, --help

Shows the help text for the specified command.


Specifies the alternative configuration file to use.

Defaults to ~/.parallelcluster/config.

-r REGION, --region REGION

Specifies the Region to connect to.

-nw, --nowait

Indicates not to wait for stack events after executing a stack command.

Defaults to False.

-nr, --norollback

Disables AWS CloudFormation stack rollback on error.

Defaults to False.


Specifies the section of the cluster template to use.


Adds extra parameters to a stack update.

-rd, --reset-desired

Resets the current capacity of an Auto Scaling Group to the initial configuration values.

Defaults to False.

When the command is called and begins polling for the status of that call, it is safe to use "Ctrl-C" to exit. You can return to viewing the current status by calling pcluster status mycluster.