Generate card data - AWS Payment Cryptography

Generate card data

The Generate Card Data API is used to generate card data using algorithms such as CVV,CVV2 or Dynamic CVV2. To see what keys can be used for this command, please see Valid keys for cryptographic operations section.

Many cryptographic values such as CVV, CVV2, iCVV, CAVV V7 use the same cryptographic algorithm but vary the input values. For instance CardVerificationValue1 has inputs of ServiceCode, Card Number and Expiration Date. While CardVerificationValue2 only has two of these inputs, this is because for CVV2/CVC2, the ServiceCode is fixed at 000. Similarly, for iCVV the ServiceCode is fixed at 999. Some algorithms may repurpose the existing fields such as CAVV V8 in which case you will need to consult your provider manual for the correct input values.


Expiration date must be entered in the same format (such as MMYY vs. YYMM) for generation and validation to produce correct results.