RecommenderConfig - Amazon Personalize


The configuration details of the recommender.



Specifies the exploration configuration hyperparameters, including explorationWeight and explorationItemAgeCutOff, you want to use to configure the amount of item exploration Amazon Personalize uses when recommending items. Provide itemExplorationConfig data only if your recommenders generate personalized recommendations for a user (not popular items or similar items).

Type: String to string map

Map Entries: Maximum number of 100 items.

Key Length Constraints: Maximum length of 256.

Value Length Constraints: Maximum length of 1000.

Required: No


Specifies the requested minimum provisioned recommendation requests per second that Amazon Personalize will support. A high minRecommendationRequestsPerSecond will increase your bill. We recommend starting with 1 for minRecommendationRequestsPerSecond (the default). Track your usage using Amazon CloudWatch metrics, and increase the minRecommendationRequestsPerSecond as necessary.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 1.

Required: No

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