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Users dataset requirements (ECOMMERCE domain)

A Users dataset stores metadata about your users. This might include information such as age, gender, and loyalty membership for each user. For more information on the types of user data you can import into Amazon Personalize, see User data. For information about general Amazon Personalize schema requirements, such as formatting requirements and available field data types, see Datasets and schemas. These requirements apply to all schemas, regardless of domain.

A Users dataset is optional for all ECOMMERCE use cases. If you have user data, we recommend creating one to get the most relevant recommendations. If you create a Users dataset, your schema must include the following fields.


  • 1 metadata field (categorical string or numerical)

The data you import must match your schema. You are free to add additional fields depending on your use case and your data. As long as the fields aren't listed as required or reserved, and the data types are listed in Schema data types, the field names and data types are up to you. For an example of the default schema for Users datasets for ECOMMERCE domains, see Default Users schema (ECOMMERCE domain).

For more information on minimum requirements and maximum data limits for a Users dataset, see Service quotas.

Using categorical data

To use categorical data, add a field of type string and set the field's categorical attribute to true in your schema. Then include the categorical data in your bulk CSV file and individual item imports. For users with multiple categories, separate each value using the vertical bar, '|'. For example, for a SUBSCRIPTION_MODEL field, your data for a user might be student|monthly|discount.

Categorical values can have at most 1000 characters. If you have a user with a categorical value with more than 1000 characters, your dataset import job will fail.

Default Users schema (ECOMMERCE domain)

The following is the default ECOMMERCE domain schema for Users datasets with a CATEGORY field as the required metadata field.

{ "type": "record", "name": "Users", "namespace": "com.amazonaws.personalize.schema", "fields": [ { "name": "USER_ID", "type": "string" }, { "name": "MEMBERSHIP_STATUS", "type": "string", "categorical": true } ], "version": "1.0" }