Step 3: Creating recommenders or custom resources - Amazon Personalize

Step 3: Creating recommenders or custom resources

After you import data, you are ready to create recommenders or custom resources. Use these resources to get recommendations. The resources you create depend on your dataset group type:

  • For Domain dataset groups, you create recommenders for pre-defined use cases based on your domain. You use the recommenders to get recommendations. For information about available use cases, see Choosing a use case. You can also add custom resources to a Domain dataset group. These include solutions and solution versions trained for custom use cases.

  • For Custom dataset groups, you configure a solution with a recipe. Then you create a solution version (train a model). For information about available recipes, see Choosing a recipe.

    For real-time recommendations, you deploy the solution version in a campaign. For batch recommendations and user segments, you don't need a campaign.