Overriding Default Recipe Parameters - Amazon Personalize

Overriding Default Recipe Parameters

A solution is created by calling the CreateSolution API. A condensed version of the CreateSolution request is shown, highlighting the solutionConfig object. You use solutionConfig to override the default parameters of a recipe. When performAutoML is true, all parameters of the solutionConfig object are ignored except for autoMLConfig. The sub-objects of solutionConfig are discussed in the following sections.

{ "name": "string", "performAutoML": boolean, "recipeArn": "string", "performHPO": boolean, "eventType": "string", "solutionConfig": { "autoMLConfig": { "metricName": "string", "recipeList": [ "string" ] }, "eventValueThreshold": "string", "featureTransformationParameters": { "string" : "string" }, "algorithmHyperParameters": { "string" : "string" }, "hpoConfig": { "algorithmHyperParameterRanges": { ... }, "hpoObjective": { "metricName": "string", "metricRegex": "string", "type": "string" }, "hpoResourceConfig": { "maxNumberOfTrainingJobs": "string", "maxParallelTrainingJobs": "string" } }, }, }