Getting real-time recommendations - Amazon Personalize

Getting real-time recommendations

You get real-time recommendations from Amazon Personalize with a campaign. For example, suppose you have a campaign that deploys a solution to give movie recommendations. Depending on the recipe you used to create the solution version backing the campaign, you get recommendations for your users with the GetRecommendations or GetPersonalizedRanking API operations or with the Amazon Personalize console. For information on campaigns see Creating a campaign. If you don't need recommendations in real-time, you can get batch recommendations without a campaign. For more information see Getting batch recommendations and user segments.

If your campaign recommends similar items, you get recommendations with the GetRecommendations operation or with the Amazon Personalize console. Amazon Personalize returns a list of related items based on the item ID you include in the request.

Increasing recommendation relevance with contextual metadata

To increase recommendation relevance, include contextual metadata for a user, such as their device type or the time of day, when you get recommendations or get a personalized ranking.

To use contextual metadata, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The schema of the Interactions dataset must have contextual metadata fields (see Datasets and schemas).

  • The solution version backing the campaign must use a recipe of type USER_PERSONALIZATION or PERSONALIZED_RANKING (see Step 1: Choosing a recipe).

For more information about the benefits of including contextual metadata, see Contextual metadata.

For examples that show how to include contextual metadata using the SDK for Python (Boto3). see Getting recommendations using contextual metadata (AWS Python SDK) and Getting a personalized ranking using contextual metadata (AWS Python SDK).