Step 4: Getting recommendations - Amazon Personalize

Step 4: Getting recommendations

Depending on your resources, you can get recommendations in real time or with a batch workflow.

  • With custom resources, you can get real-time recommendations or batch recommendations. For real-time recommendations, you must create a custom campaign before you get recommendations. For batch recommendations, you don't need to create a campaign.

  • With recommenders in a Domain dataset group, you can get only real-time recommendations.

The following topics explain how and when to use each recommendation type.

Recommendation scores

With custom solutions created with the User-Personalization-v2, User-Personalization, Personalized-Ranking-v2, Personalized-Ranking, and PERSONALIZED_ACTIONS recipes, Amazon Personalize includes a score for each item in recommendations. These scores represent the relative certainty that Amazon Personalize has about which item or action the user will select next. Higher scores represent greater certainty.

For batch inference jobs, item scores are calculated just as described in How recommendation scoring works (custom resources) and How personalized ranking scoring works. You can view scores in the batch inference job's output JSON file.