Measuring impact of recommendations - Amazon Personalize

Measuring impact of recommendations

As your customers interact with recommendations, you can measure how the recommendations are helping you achieve your goals. You can identify which campaigns and recommenders have the most impact, such as which resource generates the most minutes watched or the most clicks. And you can compare the performance of Amazon Personalize recommendations to those generated by third-party services.

The following can help you measure the impact of recommendations:

  • Metric attribution: An Amazon Personalize metric attribution creates reports based on metrics that you specify and the interactions and items data that you import. For example, the total length of movies watched by users, or the total number of click events.

  • A/B testing: Performing an A/B test consists of running an experiment with multiple variations and comparing the results. You can use A/B testing to help compare and evaluate different recommendation strategies, and measure the impact of the recommendations.