Creating a solution - Amazon Personalize

Creating a solution

After you have finished Preparing and importing data, you are ready to create a Solution. A Solution refers to the combination of an Amazon Personalize recipe, customized parameters, and one or more solution versions (trained models). After you create a solution with a solution version, you can create a campaign to deploy the solution version and get recommendations.

To create a solution in Amazon Personalize, you do the following:

  1. Choose a recipe – A recipe is an Amazon Personalize term specifying an appropriate algorithm to train for a given use case. See Step 1: Choosing a recipe.

  2. Configure a solution – Customize solution parameters and recipe-specific hyperparameters so the model meets your specific business needs. See Step 2: Configuring a solution.

  3. Create a solution version (train a model) – Train the machine learning model Amazon Personalize will use to generate recommendations for your customers. See Step 3: Creating a solution version.

  4. Evaluate the solution version – Use the metrics Amazon Personalize generates from the new solution version to evaluate the performance of the model. See Step 4: Evaluating a solution version with metrics.