TagResource - Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice v2 API


Adds or overwrites only the specified tags for the specified Amazon Pinpoint SMS Voice, version 2 resource. When you specify an existing tag key, the value is overwritten with the new value. Each resource can have a maximum of 50 tags. Each tag consists of a key and an optional value. Tag keys must be unique per resource. For more information about tags, see Tagging Amazon Pinpoint resources in the Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide.

Request Syntax

{ "ResourceArn": "string", "Tags": [ { "Key": "string", "Value": "string" } ] }

Request Parameters

For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters.

The request accepts the following data in JSON format.


The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the resource.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 20. Maximum length of 256.

Pattern: arn:[A-Za-z0-9_:/-]+

Required: Yes


An array of key and value pair tags that are associated with the resource.

Type: Array of Tag objects

Array Members: Minimum number of 1 item. Maximum number of 200 items.

Required: Yes

Response Elements

If the action is successful, the service sends back an HTTP 200 response with an empty HTTP body.


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


The request was denied because you don't have sufficient permissions to access the resource.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The API encountered an unexpected error and couldn't complete the request. You might be able to successfully issue the request again in the future.

HTTP Status Code: 500


A requested resource couldn't be found.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The request would cause a service quota to be exceeded.

HTTP Status Code: 400


An error that occurred because too many requests were sent during a certain amount of time.

HTTP Status Code: 400


A validation exception for a field.

HTTP Status Code: 400

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